Check out videos and podcasts where I've been invited and had conversations with amazing people.

One of my favorite ways to share my ideas is through videos, as I have more communication freedom than in writing. I love interviews because they allow me to respond to questions instead of just presenting my opinions.

Videos and Podcasts

Coda+Fala: Less frameworks and more results (PT-BR)

Coda+Fala - Dec 6, 2023

"In the 2nd episode of Coda+Fala, we invited Fred Maia, CEO of Meteor Software. Former aspiring journalist, father, and traveler, he comes to share his main study techniques and tips about the technology job market."

Caverna Talks #1: Fred Maia - CEO of Meteor Software (PT-BR)

Caverna Dev - November 21, 2022

"Today we're launching a new segment on the channel, Caverna Talks, where we'll have deep cave chats with relevant names in the Tech world. And we couldn't have started any better than by interviewing Fred Maia: Dev, friend, and CEO of Meteor Software, the company behind the Meteor.js framework."

Traveling the World as a Programmer and Digital Nomad | Interview with Fred Maia (PT-BR)

Filipe Mesquita - August 28, 2021

"Today's chat is with Fred Maia, programmer and digital nomad. He works remotely as a programmer and has the freedom to travel while working. He has lived in various parts of Ireland and Portugal, and is planning to spend some time traveling in Brazil and then to Canada. He shares how he improved his English to work for foreign companies and gives tips on how to prepare for interviews."

Devs Pelo Mundo - Taverna Da Programação (PT-BR)

Taverna Da Programação EP028 - August 10, 2021

"Ahoy visitor, come in without letting the Tavern door slam! Yeees, today the Tavern opened the world map and decided to embark on a global navigation, talking to people who work with technology all around the world. Let's find out what motivated them to explore new worlds and the challenges this journey has brought them! So, all aboard? PS: If you meet any Maia, remember to wave and act normally (maybe they're trying to take over the world and we still don't know it)."